PowerSeal USA Gets You RacingPowerSeal USA’s NikaSeal cylinder plating and reconditioning have enabled users from weekend warriors to world championship contenders to pursue their passion and earn numerous victories and titles. Many factory race engines count on NikaSeal plating for the performance and durability needed to win.

The following is a partial list of engine builders and tuners using the NikaSeal advantage:

Testimonials from satisfied users:

Jimmy Lewis, Dirt Rider Magazine

“…I couldn’t believe it was the same cylinder I sent in. It was perfect. I highly recommend PowerSeal USA…”

Boyesen Engineering

“PowerSeal USA provides the precision and durability required to achieve top performance in our race engines.”

Jack Lafferty, Jr., Ten-Time East Coast Enduro Association Grand Champion

“When championships are on the line, PowerSeal USA delivers the performance and reliability I need, when I need it.”