PowerSeal USA: Your Performance Plating Headquarters

With the latest available technologies, materials and facilities, PowerSeal USA specializes in state-of-the-art Cylinder Plating, Repair, and Reconditioning.

No matter your motor sport, PowerSeal USA will address all of your cylinder needs.  Our products and capabilities include:

  • NikaSeal (Nickel Silicon Carbide) Plating
  • Aluminum/Steel/Cast Iron Plating and Repair
  • Single or Multi-Cylinder Blocks
  • 2-stroke or 4-stroke
  • Welding
  • Boring
  • Custom Machining
  • Diamond Plateau Honing
  • Custom-Fit Piston Clearances
  • Expedited Service
  • Cylinder Exchange
  • Big Bore Kits
  • Piston and Gasket Kits
  • Coated Pistons
  • Dealer Programs