There are many cast iron and aluminum cylinders with steel/cast liners in use today. PowerSeal USA offers a choice of upgrade and repair solutions for these.

Maico 400 Cylinder RestoredA NikaSeal layer can be applied to existing steel/cast bores. This technology has saved many cylinders that are worn beyond available overbore piston sizes. Additionally, the NikaSeal layer provides a harder, better lubricating, and longer lasting wear surface than the existing steel/cast iron bore. PowerSeal USA has developed and refined this manufacturing process to ensure the best adhesion in the most difficult applications.

1932 Indian Chief Restored CylindersIf overbore pistons are available and the cylinder can tolerate a larger size, we can bore and hone the cylinder to the proper diameter. We will measure a customer-provided piston or a piston purchased from us and add the recommended piston/cylinder wall clearance to determine the proper final bore size. The same care and attention to detail used on our NikSeal plated bores applies to our bore/hone service.

Matchless 650 Restored CylinderPowerSeal USA can also recondition the cast aluminum cylinders plated with chrome from the 1970s and 1980s. Most OEMs have since abandoned use of chrome bores in favor of the superior thermal properties and reduced environmental impact of nickel silicon carbide. PowerSeal USA will strip the chrome from the aluminum casting and replace it with NikaSeal, honed to the proper diameter and surface finish.